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Aluminium Extrusion - BLOCAN® - Profile System
- The modular assembly system without necessary processing.

The BLOCAN® systems are unique because they do not only match to each other but are also compatible with other products, such as RK tube connection systems, RK linear units and RK drive units. Due to clever connection elements you do not need any machines and special equipment. The profiles are cut to length and assembled. More than 110 different profile sizes and cross sections can be assembled in this manner.

BLOCAN Overview (R+K Site)Blocan Aluminium Extrusion
Profile Shape Overview (600KB PDF)
Complete Catalogue (20MB PDF)


Connecting System
- The most comprehensive way to connect tubes for endless applications.

Due to an all-embracing clamping principle, the RK connection system enables fast assembly of individual tube constructions. Its variety of styles makes the system an interesting, cost-effective and adjustable alternative to conventional welded connections.
Connecting System

Connection Overview (R+K Site)
Complete Catalogue (19MB PDF)

Linear Actuators
- A complete range of screw, belt and guide systems.

Components are available for simple positioning tasks all the way up to highly complex multiple systems of high accuracy with quick dynamic response.  Each task is different and each task shall be met with a technically elegant and economic solution.

Linear Actuator

Linear Actuator Overview (R+K Site)
Complete Catalogue (25MB PDF)

Electric Cylinders, Drives & Controllers
- Stable lifting columns, electric cylinders and AC or DC drives provide for linear movements with their motor driven pistons.

All the important functions and safety precautions are included in the compact products of the RK drive technology range. For example, the motor, guide system, limit switches, and control are intrinsic to get a compact and complete solution rather than having to install these components individually.

Electric Drives

Drive Technology Overview (R+K Site)
Complete Catalogue (7MB PDF)


Protective Machine Guards & Guarding
- Practical safety guarding for production equipment and plant. This is a specially designed system for machine protection, not just another use for aluminium profiles.

The system not only protects against dangers caused by machines but also protection of the machines and plant from unauthorised access. In addition, the protection system is designed to be aesthetically pleasing and very easy to install.

Machine Protection

Machine Protection Overview (R+K Site)
Complete Catalogue (4MB PDF)

- A modular chain linked conveyor system

The Easy-Link® modular conveyor system has been developed for the transport of single pieces, e.g. cans, bottles and packets but also for the transport of work piece carriers. Belt conveyors are available on request.

Conveyor System Overview (R+K Site)Conveyor
Complete Catalogue (4MB PDF)


Industrial Stairs and Work Platforms
- Complete quick built system for industrial applications

The ITAS-system is suitable for many indoor and outdoor applications. From the simplest railings to complicated stairs and working platforms. The components can be assembled to create a complete solution without machining.

Stair and Work Platform Overview (R+K Site)Industrial Stairs
Complete Catalogue (3MB PDF)



Ergonomic Operator Workstations and Work Benches

Workstations complying with ergonomic requirements and meeting the specific needs can be assembled online with the Online-Configurator. From static tables to motored standing/sitting workplaces, the configurator guides you step by step through all options to the desired workstation. Four standard desk versions are available – static height, crank adjustment and two motored height adjustable options.

Ideal range of accessories
Additional lighting, holders for grab containers, foot rests, standing aids and ESD-accessories are available as ingenious working aids. The well-known box lift system Easylift can also be selected for material provision. Easylift can be integrated seamlessly into the workstation.
Operator Workstation
Online Configurator (R+K Site)






Rose + Krieger

This German component manufacturer has been producing ultra high quality products that are second to none since 1972.

Rose + Krieger Logo
Rose + Krieger Logo
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